“Since our son has been going to ASD Fitness center, he has built up his muscle tone and his confidence. We are so glad we found this wonderful place.”

Mary & Mike Kenney – Parents of Autism Health & Fitness Center client

“When Evan first started coming, he would say to me in the car afterwards, “Every time I go, I feel really happy after. I leave feeling all sweaty and energized.””

Parent of Autism Health & Fitness Center client

“ASD Fitness isn’t just a gym, it’s our new family and they go above and beyond to create activities catered to my son that he otherwise would never get to experience. I’m truly grateful for their innovative vision to make our amazing children be part of a community that embraces how awesome they are!”

Tori-Anne Dauri – Parent of Autism Health & Fitness Center client

“Hannah and Sam Potter both go to Autism Health & Fitness Center once a week and we can’t say enough about the environment or the staff. We always feel welcomed and comfortable, and both kids are learning things that can be used and applied at home. Hannah LOVES her yoga class, and Sam is excited to work with Jason or Jaymie on listening and endurance while they play football, climb, or use hockey equipment – which Mr. Jason ordered immediately upon finding out that Sam is interested in that sport! Miss Chris always keeps us updated with news and event information and answers any questions we have. Now THAT is what I would call dedication. We will be with the ASD center for a long time to come.”

Angie Potter – Parent of Autism Health & Fitness Center client

“We would like to thank from the heart the ASD center for all you do for our children ,
We our truly blessed to have you in our lives …”

Gia Hamadeh – Parent of Autism Health & Fitness Center client

“It is very apparent that an enormous amount of planning and thought went into the creation and development of the Autism Health & Fitness Center. The facility is spacious, calming, and inviting, and the staff and trainers are all very friendly, skilled professionals with backgrounds in special education. It is wonderful to have this awesome specialized gym in the Town of Orange.”

Linda Ball – Parent of Autism Health & Fitness Center client

“There are many reasons to encourage fitness activities for youth and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Regular physical activity has been shown to enhance both behavior and mood.”

Fred R. Volkmar, M.D.
Irving B. Harris Professor
Director – Child Study Center, Yale University School of Medicine
Chief of Child Psychiatry, Yale New Haven Hospital
Editor in Chief, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders