Who is One on One Training for:

We serve individuals ages 5 all the way up to senior citizens. Fitness is for everyone and through our adaptive techniques we can help people of all ages discover how movement can have a positive impact on your health and wellness. We make fitness fun!

Our Intake Process

Everyone’s workout is different because all our members have different goals and are starting in different places. Before you arrive, we’ll collect information from a parent, caretaker or guardian so we can learn more about the member before they arrive.  One of our experienced trainers will conduct an assessment on your very first visit. We’ll establish their current fitness level, learn about what activities the member likes and how to best communicate effectively. 

Individual Fitness Programs (IFP)

Our member’s goals are very diverse and include occupational movements, learning sports skills, toning muscles, expressing energy, practicing good sportsmanship and so much more! 

After your assessment, Lead Trainer Jackie Sanca, will create your Individual Fitness Program. This Program is goal oriented and starts at a level that is appropriately challenging for each person. 

Families can share any information they think will be helpful as we create their IFP. This could include a behavior plan from school, information from a PT/OT or anything else you think will help us lead the member to success.

Every session is documented so we can track progress over time. As goals are reached and fitness increases, the IFP evolves.

Recipe For Success

Our trainers are amazing people and work hard to support every member. They act as a coach, cheerleader and friend. All of our trainers have a Personal Trainer Certification and have a background working with people with special needs. They are wonderful in so many ways!

It’s important that all of our members develop a positive relationship with fitness so every workout includes a favorite activity, usually saved for the very end of each session. This could be playing a game, shooting hoops, using our fitness bungee system, or any other activity the member really loves. 

Ready to get started? 

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