Every member participating in one-on-one personal training receives a personalized “Individual Fitness Program” (IFP) based on our comprehensive intake process. Our IFP is made up of key areas, core, upper body, lower body, agility, and cardio as well as sports skills if applicable. We also work incorporate exercises to target coordination, balance, hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. We utilize a variety of traditional and adaptive fitness equipment and integrate fun into each program to keep our members motivated. Our IFP’s, which include short and long-term goals and objectives, focus on achieving an overall healthier lifestyle for our clients. The IFP is the primary tool to track and monitor our clients progress. They serve as an integral part of our communication with our member’s parents and caregivers.


  1. Complete our online Intake Form.

  2. Call us at 203-553-9508 to schedule a free physical assessment conducted by one of our certified trainers.

  3. We utilize the information gathered from the Intake Form and physical assessment to create the IFP. We also work in partnership with schools, outside programs and home to review IEP’s, behavior plans and any other pertinent information during the IFP creation process to ensure a complete final product.

  4. Parents and / or caregivers meet with our Head Trainer to review the IFP and make any modifications.

  5. The member begins his / her training program as defined by the IFP. The IFP is utilized to track and monitor progress of our members and is updated and modified based on progress after each personal training session.

  6. A six-month parent / caregiver meeting is scheduled to review the members progress and make an adjustments to the IFP


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